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Intentions Perfume 10 mL

Intentions Perfume 10 mL

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Intentions Essential Oil Blend (10 mL)

Manifest your true self with our Intentions Perfume. This powerful blend features Clary Sage, Orange, Frankincense, and Juniper, designed to help you align with your inner vision and speak your truth authentically.

Key Benefits:

  • Inner Vision: Enhances your ability to see and understand your deepest desires and goals.
  • Truthfulness: Encourages you to express your authentic self and communicate openly.
  • Authenticity: Promotes genuine self-expression and helps you stay true to who you are.
  • Elevates Vibrations: Raises your energetic frequency, fostering positivity and spiritual growth.
  • Protection: Shields your energy field from negativity and external disturbances.
  • Courage: Boosts your confidence and bravery, empowering you to pursue your dreams.
  • Emotional Stability: Helps balance emotions, promoting inner peace and resilience.

Chakra & Elemental Connection:

  • Throat Chakra: Activates and balances the Throat Chakra, enhancing communication, truthfulness, and self-expression.
  • Wood Element: Aligns with the Wood Element, helping to regulate and restore your energy, promoting growth and stability.

Embrace the empowering properties of our Intentions Essential Oil Blend and cultivate a life of authenticity, courage, and emotional stability. This blend is perfect for enhancing your spiritual practice and aligning with your true intentions.

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Intentions Perfume 10 mL
Intentions Perfume 10 mL
Intentions Perfume 10 mL
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